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Common Electronic Peripherals And Their Uses

Pull the average individual off the street and ask them the difference between Cat5 and Cat6 Ethernet cables, and they will scratch their head in confusion. Not everyone is computer savvy, maybe even afraid of the electronic accessories that sit on desks or hang from our walls. But that’s okay! Here, we’ll discuss the various peripherals used with computer accessories and electronic devices and what they do. At first glance they seem magical, but really, once you understand them, your world opens up.

HDMI And Picture Quality

You might have read a few numbers mixed with letters on boxes of television sets and computer monitors that say things like “720p” or “1080p” or “4K.” These numbers are referring to the pixel count that monitor or television set has. Now, more pixels don’t always mean better quality; equipment is a factor, too. However, generally speaking, more pixels usually means a better picture quality, a crisper image than before. If you stop at the nearest store

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Fiber Optic Cables, CAT Cables, HDMI Cables Which Ones You Need For The Best Entertainment Center

Little is more disheartening than flinging open a box of electronics and finding a tangle of cables.

You think that one is for connecting your router. You’re sure that smaller one is for your phone…but it might be for your television. How do you get all these sorted when they look so similar? With the new year in full swing and filled with the potential for improvement, figuring out your electronics situation is a must. Not only will you save money by buying the right cables for your equipment, you’ll save some much needed time.

What do you use a bulk plenum zipcord fiber optic cable for? What’s the difference between CAT cables? Have all your questions (or the basic ones, at least!) answered below.

Did You Know?

Before we dive into the nitty gritty on charging your phone and figuring out HDMI cables, let’s look at some interesting facts. There were nearly four billion Internet users across the world by the time 2017

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Fire Sprinkler Designs Are Better Than Ever Upgrading Your Fire Protection Plan In 2019

Fire protection is not just about using the most power and resources during a fire. It’s about setting things up so a fire can be prevented in the first place.

When you need to design a unique type of fire sprinkler system for your establishment, only the best will do. A single mistake could mean the difference between life or death, after all, and it takes very little to start a fire. Today’s fire sprinkler companies can offer you a wide variety of fire prevention resources, from helping you draft out a more accurate fire escape plan to sprinkler system layout examples. Even if you’re not sure where to get started, an overview of your building can help pinpoint any weak points that could be disastrous later.

Stay prepared. Here’s what you should know about fire sprinkler system design and general fire safety today.

Common Causes Of Fire Today

While fires can erupt at just about any time, there is a higher threshold for risk in cert

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