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The Importance of Preventing a Security Data Breach

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Is the majority of your business completed over the internet? In today?s technological times, many businesses are either primarily or mostly based over the internet. Although this can be extremely useful, opening your business up to new customers and new services, it can also present many security concerns. You are sharing confidential information over the internet. Your customers are also providing and entrusting your business with their billing and location information. Data security is extremely important and the following security tips will help you ensure that your business is as secure as possible.

Outsource your IT needs

Every business that collects payment or confidential information over the internet should have a dedicated information technology team. This could be your own

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How an Executve Search Consultant Can Help Your Company Make the Right Hire


As many human resource managers discover, making the wrong hire can be a costly mistake. It affects both office morale and productivity, and can be expensive as well. Combined with the growing trend towards job hopping, it affects the stability of the workplace in a negative way. Sometimes outsourcing the hiring process can be the best way to find the right person for the job. Especially when it comes to senior positions, an hr executive search consultant can bring both experience and wide networks to the task.

Why making the right hire matters
A good hire is not just someone with the best resume but also someone who fits in well with a company and becomes a long term player. This begins with the hiring process, which should ensure not only a skills match but also clearly specify

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