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The 3 Common Cable Types You Need to Know

There are a lot of cables out there that you can choose from that cover vastly different aspects in your home. Here is a brief summary of the most common types of cables that you can use to enhance the way you use technology.

Ethernet Cables

An ethernet cable is one of the most commonly found cables in a home or office. An ethernet cable enables direct connection to an internet network. Resembling what us old timers would consider a phone jack, this cable plugs into a computer, tv, or applicable device, and directly connects them into the network without having to setup a wireless connection. This can have many benefits over wifi as it usually offers a faster internet connection, without the worry of interruptions that can sometimes come up, especially if your computers wifi card is older or not in good shape. Most cables are also effective against outside electrical interference, which can help stop any interruptions when your in the middle of an important project. The

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How Your Business Can be Eco Friendly

Advertising, used efficiently and correctly, can maximize the potential of a business. Color printing services are a big business: printing machines use large amounts of supplies, include paper, ink, and power. The signage possibilities open to a business are endless: banner printing, display boards, full color printing, life size posters, wall decals, and more. These signs raise awareness of your business and encourage consumers to give you their patronage. However, these signs are all too often made of harsh, environmentally unfriendly plastics and compounds that sit in landfills for years after use. Do you want your business name on a sheet of plastic from printing machines that never rots, or would you rather be a face in the growing trend of using eco friendly signs? These environmentally friendly sings are usually made with up to 50% post consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, which helps to diminish landfill ov

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