4 Extremely Popular Hotel Trends to Follow

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It’s important for a hotel to ensure customers are satisfied. Statistics show that building loyalty with 5% of a customer base can increase profits ranging anywhere from 25-100% per consumer. It’s wise for a hotel owner to follow hotel trends to find what works well. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to track and find the best trends to follow. You don’t have to spend hours tracking and finding the hottest trends in the hotel industry. Here are four of the most popular hotel trends you’ll want to start implementing right away.

  1. Technology Plays a Vital Part in a Successful Hotel

    It’s wise to ensure that hotel technology is an important aspect of your expansion plan. You’ll want to find hotel management system software to utilize. Hotel management software enables hotel management to easily run many aspects of their facilities. Employees ranging from cleaners to front desk workers benefit from working with intuitive hotel management software.
  2. Guests Want Flexibility

    Many people have experienced the fear that comes with missing checkout time. People around the world continue to live busy lives and find themselves pressed for time. Many hotels are listening to the demands of their customers through offering more flexible stay times. You’ll want to find hotel software that makes it easier for guests to book a stay at your facilities. Many software companies can help integrate software into an app or software that customers are able to easily use. Statistics show that 53% of people use a mobile device to obtain information related to their travels. Having a mobile app and website created for your facilities ensures guests have hotel information at their fingertips.
  3. Updating the Design of Hotel Rooms

    Statistics show that 74% of travelers plan on visiting a location they’ve been to in the past. It’s imperative to ensure that visitors have an enjoyable stay. You don’t want repeat customers to continually see the same artwork throughout your hotel. You’ve likely stayed in a hotel room that feels like taking a step back in the past. Many hotels are working to update the design of their rooms to bring them into more modern times.
  4. Implementing Soft Brands

    Hotels around the world are expanding their brand portfolios. It’s perfectly fine if your hotel isn’t ready for expansion. You might it find to sketch out a few potential idea when the time for brand expansion arrives. Many hotels implement these soft brands to create different experiences for guests.

In summary, you’ll want to stay aware of several current hotel trends. It’s important a hotel stays current as far as technology is concerned. It’s wise for an owner to implement hotel management software that benefits both staff and customers. The most popular current hotel trends are focusing on the type of stay that today’s customers want. One important aspect of a great hotel stay is that these facilities update their artwork. Many hotels are expanding their portfolio through the inclusion of newly created soft brands. Following popular hotel trends can help ensure every customer enjoys staying at your facilities.

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