5 Characteristics Needed for an Exec Position

Talent acquisition

Many companies will use an executive search consultant service in order to hire themselves the best employees out there. If they are needing to hire people for their human resources department, it’s not uncommon to hire an outplacement service company in the beginning. However, once the company is more established, it’s normal to want to start hiring people that are going to be permanently with the company. However, the owners of a new company may still not have the necessary time that is required to sift through resumes, conduct interviews and make informed decisions regarding hiring. That is where the executive search consultant service comes in. What they are looking for in potential hires is a little different because they are looking for management positions. Here are a few things that an executive search consultant service might look out for in a potential hire.

Honesty and Integrity
One of the most important factors when looking for some to work in a leadership or executive position is that they have a certain level of integrity while maintaining a lifestyle of honesty. Especially when human resources is involved, management is constantly dealing with sensitive information about their employees. This could be anything from health reports to social security numbers or bank accounts. The employees need to be trustworthy from the get go. If you come across as hiding anything or at all shady during your interview, you can’t expect to get passed over immediately.

Ability and Experience
Unfortunately, if this is your first job, you will not like get an executive position. Getting hired in the management part of a company requires the ability to do the job which usually entails having some sort of experience of doing similar work before. Most places will require paid experience of anywhere between two and five years in order to qualify. However, if you have an impressive resume with degrees and references then you may still be in the running even with minimal previous experience.

Genuineness and Friendliness
You will be dealing with a lot of the company on a one to one basis and so having a heart for people is important. If you can’t stand talking to people, then you might want to consider switching careers. While the people that an executive search consultant service hires or recommends do not deal with the public usually, they do deal with people that work for the company and sometimes, they can be the worst ones.

Team Player and Individual
You have to be pretty versatile in order to be able to work in one of these higher up positions. You need to be able to work well and stay motivated when you are working on your own. This is especially true of some or all of the job allows you to work from home. However, it’s important that you are still able to interact with your co-workers and work well with them. There is a need for a strong balance between the two. You can’t be distracted by other people but you need to be able to work in a group effort if the occasion requires it.

Creative and Inspiring
You will never be able to get a management position if you are not creative, inspired and inspiring. During your interview you should be able to describe past situations where you have been the one that has the idea that works and propels the company forward. Think about times where your ideas have been the one thing that got everyone out of a rut and back into motion. If creativity and inspiration come naturally to you then you are one of the lucky ones. However, if it does not and you are the type that has to work for it, have some examples already prepared in case you are asked to come up with an idea for a certain something. You could divert by saying “Well, I would need some time to research that in terms of marketing and demographic, but if you were trying to do ‘such and such’ then I might suggest that we try ‘this route’.” You may find that works to your favor quite nicely.

Getting an executive position is not easy and extremely competitive so don’t give up if you don’t nail the first few interviews.

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