5 Important Traits of a Successful HR Executive

There continues to many misconceptions about the human resources department. Considering that, it’s understandable that a company might be struggling to find out what is needed to have the HR department they’re seeking. You’ll want to remember that a great department begins with an effective leader. This means that it’s wise to partner with executive HR search firms in order to have these searches completed in a fast and efficient manner. However, it’s important that you know what to look for when the time to make a hiring decision arrives. With that in mind, here are five traits to look for in a successful HR executive.

  1. Genuine Desire to Watch Others Succeed

    One of the most important traits of a successful HR executive is having the ability to care for others. Statistics show gathered from a recent Gallup poll found that only 20% of employees feel that managers are encouraging workers to do their best work. Considering that, your company can have a major advantage by focusing on leaders that want to develop and coach others. Partnering with human resource executive recruiters can help ensure you’re able to find someone that has this important trait.
  2. Takes Ownership of Actions

    It’s easy for certain executives to neglect taking ownership of problems. While it might be easier for an executive to blame those beneath him or her, this isn’t what you need for your company. Instead, you’ll want human resources recruiters to find an executive that knows the importance of taking ownership whether the results are good or bad. If this continues to happen, consider partner with an executive HR firm to schedule coaching sessions.
  3. Effective Communicator Across All Departments

    Human resource leaders often speak with employees in their own departments, coaching and training them. That being said, a human resource executive must be able to speak effectively with other leaders in multiple departments. Many business projects will involve all departments of your company. In turn, you’ll want to ensure that this team is made of leaders who can communicate well with other colleagues.
  4. Leads Department Without Alienating

    In the role of an HR executive, it’s important that this leader doesn’t pit human resources employees against the rest of your company. You want your HR employees to feel like a team of their own. However, this team mentality still means that an HR department must do things to help out other areas of your company. A great HR leader knows when to lead and when to follow.
  5. Loyal Employee

    It’s also important to find an HR executive that knows the importance of remaining loyal to a company. This is especially important if your company is looking to hire millennials. Statistics gathered from a 2016 Gallup poll found that 60% of millennials are open to a new job at any time while working for a company. With that in mind, executive HR search firms can help you find millennial leaders that value loyalty. In turn, this helps reduce the chance that your business has to deal with the costs of employee turnover.

In closing, it’s important that your company is able to find the right HR executive. If you need help in achieving this goal, consider partnering with human resources executive recruiters. These executive HR search firms can speak with you to find out about the type of talent you’re looking to acquire. In turn, executive HR search firms help ensure that your company is able to find this type of talent.

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