5 Safety Tips That All Construction Crews Must Follow

Shoring system

Construction projects involve a long checklist of tools, materials, and steps. When writing up this plan, however, don’t forget safety precautions. By taking basic construction safety measures, you can ensure that your project is completed in an efficient manner and your crew stays safe. While they may seem obvious, make sure to include these basic safety rules into your crew’s protocol.

  1. Wear Protective Gear: This is a simple standard that is easy to overlook. Make sure that you and your crew are all wearing high quality protective gear. Make sure that your hardhats, boots, and gloves are all in good condition, and enforce this rule when you see someone not complying.
  2. Structural Support: Temporary shoring methods are a must when performing repair or construction of walls or structures. Shoring systems, such as hydraulic shoring, are essential in preventing cave-ins, bulging, and collapses. This is not something to ignore, as improper shoring could lead to injury or death.
  3. Perform Inspections: Designated people on your crew should be performing a general inspection of the construction site every day, as conditions tend to change. Make sure that equipment, excavation sites, and structures are all being inspected. You don’t want to start the day with any surprises.
  4. Know The Area: Before you begin construction, have full awareness of the area where you are working. This could change the way that you go about the project. For example, if you are performing road construction in a city, you may need to rent a temporary pedestrian bridge. Work all of these details out ahead of time.
  5. Practice Tool Safety: Make sure that all of your crew members are thoroughly trained on how to use construction tools. By practicing proper tool safety, you will significantly reduce the chance of injury. It is also a good idea to hold frequent trainings to update and refresh your crew’s skills.

Whether you are implementing temporary shoring methods or simply reminding your crew members to use their gloves, proper worksite safety is always important. Be sure that your crew members and all supervisors are all on board with safety standards and regulations, as knowledge is the first step in ensuring a better work environment.

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