Android Device Management, Secure Your Servers!

Android device management

Do you know how many android based phones were shipped in the third quarter of 2012? 136 million, representing 75 percent of the market. Mobile device management is one way to provide security protections if a mobile device is stolen or lost. And android device management is an important part of this sector. This is because mobile device management helps set restrictions for employees’ devices, so this should be the number one concern of companies that allow employees to bring their own devices. Already, mobile traffic accounts for ten percent of internet use.

Android in the enterprise and android management services are among the best services for companies with many employees who bring their own devices. The android security models that they provide can be essential. It is for this reason that many companies depend on android device management.

Android device management is not the only means of ensuring that a company’s servers are secure. A company can ban personal devices altogether. However, this is not the most cost efficient policy to follow. It might be more secure, but it also closes the door to the possibility of telecommuting. Android device management is one of the best means of dealing with a complex issue. Ger more information on this topic here:


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