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If you’re starting to take your SEO more seriously and are looking to improve website SEO, you might be asking what steps you could be taking to do so. Questions like “How can I improve my website design?”, “What keywords do I rank for?”, and “How to improve website traffic?” are all great ways to get you started down the path to improving your SEO. A search engine marketing firm or other SEO services can help you find the answer to “What keywords do I rank for?” and assist you in making your website as SEO friendly as possible. Better SEO means more website traffic, better sales, and a wider customer base, as your website and services will be exposed to more people. They may also be able to offer you other tips and tricks such as optimizing your website for mobile device compatibility and making your content more SEO heavy.
What is SEO and Why Should I Care About It?
SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s a way of boosting website traffic by making the website higher in the search results of a search engine. There are different methods and practices that all fall under SEO, but SEO is the umbrella term for all of these stratagems that work to achieve this goal.
SEO is important to you and your business (or platform) because the more traffic your website gains, the more exposure you’re gaining. The more people who view your website, products, and services, the higher chance of sales you have, and the higher the likelihood is that word-of-mouth will start recommending your business, services, or products to other people. The more popular your website, the higher the chance that it’ll ultimately gain a higher search ranking. These components all build on each other, creating more business for you!
What are Some Measures I Can Take to Improve My SEO?
Local content is a great way to promote your SEO rankings. Reviews, directions to stores or other services, or city-specific content that’s produced by locals is a great way to bump up your rankings. Over 80% of customers use a search engine to find out more about a local small business — so having good local content can be crucial for a small business!
A blog can be a great way to generate content that’s loaded with SEO keywords. Indeed, almost 60% of businesses have gotten a customer because of their company blog. Again, this is a good move for small businesses as well, since user interaction often increases as well as your search ranking.
Optimize your website for mobile devices — that’s one of the best ways you can improve how effective your local SEO is! Global mobile traffic comprises about 10% of all Internet traffic and 30% of searches for restaurants are done on a cell phone. Not having a mobile compatible site can actually hurt your business — over 60% of customers who visit such a site get irritated enough to leave the site and find another one that is mobile compatible.
Good web design can be key! It’s not just how your website looks, it’s also designing the interface, authoring, such as using standardized codes and proprietary software, developing user experience designs, and SEO. If you have a responsive web design, the viewing experience should be perfect for consumers — easy reading and navigation is key. They should ideally not need to resize or pan and scrolling should be minimal — and this should be true regardless of what kind of device they’re using.
Why Should I Hire SEO Services?
SEO services have the industry knowledge and expertise to effectively create good content, redesign your website, and answer your questions. If you’ve started down the SEO track, they can answer your more detailed questions like “What keywords do I rank for?” They’ll be a valuable tool in your arsenal and can make the difference when you’re competing against other businesses.
Get questions like “What keywords do I rank for?” answered, see better sales, and enjoy the perks of having good SEO when you hire an SEO company to work magic for your business!


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