Electrician Services Provided by Main Electrical Panel

Electricity is dangerous and you should be qualified and licensed to carry out any electrical work. If not, then it is best if you hired electrician services for the task. Connected to the distribution cables are small transformers usually mounted on the pole which reduce the voltage.

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On the property is the electricity meter which quantified how much electricity is used by the house. This is usually measured in kilowatt-hours or watt-hours. The meter records the amount of energy consumed over time, so it can show how much power was used at different times of the day.

The electricity supply company will provide an estimate of what your bill will be. They may also give you a quote if you want them to do some work for you. This is called ‘bulk billing’ because all the work is done as one job. If you have a separate meter for each room then you will get a separate invoice for that room. The electricity supply company will send an engineer to check the wiring and make sure everything is working correctly. They will also test the meter to see if there are any problems with it.

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