Endpoint cyber security is the next generation of internet protection

Everything we do today is online whether it is paying bills, saving photos, shopping, or simply browsing the web to pass time. Anytime you go online you are exposed to threats from around the world. There are scammers, viruses, thieves, and much more to be cautious about when on the internet. So how can you protect yourself if you are responsible for very important data and information? Endpoint cyber security is the latest in online protection.

Endpoint cyber security is a new approach that locks down endpoints like cell phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and other internet connected devices to keep the network safe. Endpoint security is controlled by a two tier system that is controlled by corporate IT with remote network access. There are software agents in place that run on endpoints and centralized security management system that controls the agents. This system is then run by IT staff or automated systems to ensure that security protocols are all maintained and working to their full potential. Threats are constantly evolving on the internet and endpoint cyber security is evolving as well with advances in AI, machine learning, fileless attacks, and other security breaches and growing trends.

Endpoint cyber security solutions keep networks safer by creating certain safety standards that devices will need to follow before they will be allowed access to the network. Endpoint protection can help detect known and unknown threats when they arise and put a stop to them before they get into the system and obtain information that is sensitive in nature. Corporate offices and business are some of the biggest users of the endpoint cyber security practice to keep a close watch on what devices are signing onto their networks, what they can access, and keep threats to a minimum. Almost every office setting allows employees to use their own personal devices at work and for work so maintaining a close eye on all laptops, cell phones and tablets working on their network is extremely important for security purposes. Network access protection can help keep the threats out and the information safe. Two billion records were stolen in the year 2017 that’s an increase of 164% from the previous year.

Keeping your information safe is one of the most important things you can do when using the internet and many companies around the world have suffered from brutal cyber attacks where information has been leaked and stolen and used for who knows what. Endpoint cyber security is the next generation in cyber attack protection and looks to be the top security feature available in 2019.

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