Fire Sprinkler Designs Are Better Than Ever Upgrading Your Fire Protection Plan In 2019

Fire protection is not just about using the most power and resources during a fire. It’s about setting things up so a fire can be prevented in the first place.

When you need to design a unique type of fire sprinkler system for your establishment, only the best will do. A single mistake could mean the difference between life or death, after all, and it takes very little to start a fire. Today’s fire sprinkler companies can offer you a wide variety of fire prevention resources, from helping you draft out a more accurate fire escape plan to sprinkler system layout examples. Even if you’re not sure where to get started, an overview of your building can help pinpoint any weak points that could be disastrous later.

Stay prepared. Here’s what you should know about fire sprinkler system design and general fire safety today.

Common Causes Of Fire Today

While fires can erupt at just about any time, there is a higher threshold for risk in certain areas. Studies have consistently shown facilities that house the sick (such as clinics and retirement homes), restaurants, hotels, and motels to be the most at-risk for high-rise fires. This is commonly due to reduced ventilation and improperly disposed garbage. Warehouses used to be one of the most high-risk locations in the United States, but increased safety measures have seen them bumped off the list. Whether or not you’re at a high risk, fire prevention is essential.

Useful Fire Prevention Techniques To Use

How can you make sure your building is always safe? On top of fire sprinkler system layout examples you should follow a strict protocol. Any and all flammable garbage should be thrown away properly, first and foremost. Ashtrays are a particularly troublesome area, as just one still-lit cigarette can be the beginning to a massive fire. Last, but not least, always double-check your electronics. Electrical malfunctions are becoming one of the most common contributors to fires in many industries today.

The Function Of A Fire Escape Plan

No fire prevention techniques are complete without a fire escape plan. While fire sprinkler classes will help you choose the right sprinkler system layout examples for your building, an escape plan will make sure nobody in the building is compromised. All fire escape plans should be somewhere highly visible, preferably in multiple areas in and around the building. It should have clear instructions in several languages with large enough text for those with vision problems. Every little bit helps when there’s a possible fire.

What Fire Sprinkler Systems Should Entail

A fire extinguisher is used to bring down the ferocity of a fire until help arrives. A fire sprinkler operates much the same, with the added benefit of being hands-off fire control. Automatic fire sprinklers have been in use in the United States since the late 1800’s, though modern examples are far more competent. Sprinklers are able to reduce the amount of water used to fight a fire by up to 90%. Reaching this impressive statistic is only possible with the right fire sprinkler system layout examples.

Upgrading Your Fire Protection Measures

There’s always more improvement when it comes to fire safety. The cost of finding a better fire sprinkler system installation now will more than pay for itself when you consider insurance claims. Fire suppression software has only gotten more fine-tuned these past few years, able to detect faint traces of CO2 in the air and react swiftly. Fire sprinkler systems aren’t a one-size-fits-all, however, and vary depending on the industry and building size. Data centers, for example, rely on early detection protocol due to the wealth of electronics.

Stay smart. Stay safe. Ask your local fire sprinkler design companies to show you their sprinkler system layout examples for a safe and careful 2019.

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