How Does Cloud Connectivity Work?

Whenever you store data on a cloud rather than on your computer or other physical equipment that you own, you are using cloud connectivity. Data stored via cloud connectivity is accessed through the internet, saving space on your personal devices and making it accessible from other sources. Here’s an overview of how cloud connectivity work.

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The cloud that your data goes to is a massive building filled with several servers. These servers perform tasks such as running applications, storing data, data processing, and web hosting. Companies known as cloud providers sell these servers to third parties to perform a variety of services including email, productivity software, web servers, databases, and video hosting.

Cloud connectivity is highly convenient as it saves companies and individuals the trouble of maintaining their own servers. This not only lessens their workload but is also extremely cost-efficient. Another benefit of cloud storage is its reliability: any time a data center goes down, the cloud company is responsible for ensuring that all data is backed up and nothing gets lost.

In short, a cloud provider handles hardware while you manage software. There are many different cloud services available, so you should choose the one that best suits your specific needs.


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