How SEO Strategy Can Make or Break Your Business

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Business marketing on the web can be much different than outside of the internet. Knowing how to market your business online is vital to it’s success these days. The internet is one of the top places, if not the top most, for getting exposure for your business. Internet marketing can seem easy, but it truly is not. There are a number of processes, methods, and second, or even third parties that go into being able to get more customers. It is known that google is essentially the epicenter of the internet, and you can find anything from a simple search. However, getting your business website to show up into the results, or even on the first page, can be tricky.

The true method to getting websites on the first page of google during a search is seo strategy. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which uses relevant keywords to match your website to a google search. Being able to use content marketing along with seo strategy is a sure way to get customers and visitors to your business website. A 40% increase in revenue can occur due to a good content marketing strategy. This is certainly a big deal, as 60% of clicks from potential customers only go to the top 3 results in the very first page. With SEO strategy, it’s important to stay on your game, as google can change it’s algorithm up to 500 to 600 times per year.

You do not have to figure this out on your own, as there are many search engine optimization services available to make your business SEO capable. These services include outfitting your website with keyword laden content that will match any relevant searches related to your business. After this, it’s also important to keep seo strategy updated and making more content that will match search terms. In 2005, the amount of time each person will spend looking at search result listings was 2 seconds flat. This has dropped to just 1.17 seconds of viewing time in 2014. People make decisions fast, and they know what to look for. Being among the top ranks in which people are looking is imperative to business success online.

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