How To Create The Perfect Entertainment Center

Fiber optic cables

So you want to create the next great entertainment system of your dreams. But where do you even get started with all these different cables and Ethernet types? It can be a little daunting browsing online and seeing everyone saying you need to buy a 75 ft Ethernet cable or a 100 ft HDMI cable. Thankfully, these aren’t nearly as complicated as they look and learning a little new vocabulary will go a long way in helping you craft the best entertainment center around.

What Are HDMI Cables?

Whether you’re trying to craft an entertainment center to watch movies, stream videos or play videogames, you’ll need some HDMI cables on your side. These are used to stream your Ethernet and keep your connection going strong no matter what you throw at it. There are three different types of HDMI standard cables — the regular HDMI Standard, the HDMI Standard with Ethernet and the HDMI Standard Automotive. Which one you want depends on what you want to use your system for.

How Long Will My Equipment Last?

Entertainment centers are expensive. Keeping them regularly stocked with new consoles, games and subscriptions even more so. You’ll want to keep your cables going strong for as long as possible! A CAT 5 Cable or 75 ft Ethernet cable constructed of top grade materials can last anywhere from five to 10 years, no problem at all. Be sure to keep your network Ethernet cable or power lightning cables carefully organized and don’t bend them overmuch to avoid putting stress on the inner wires.

Who Else Uses These Cables?

Although these are popular choices for people setting up their home, these cables are used for a variety of different purposes. The West Health Institute, for example, recently reported that hospitals can save a stunning $30 billion per year by connecting their medical devices (such as health sign monitors or smart pumps) with their electronic health records. The modern day is all about making everything as interconnected and efficient as possible, after all, and this goes for just about anybody!

Any Tips I Should Know?

Do you have any damaged or frayed charger cables? Throw them out! One of the biggest and most underestimated fire hazards are people’s old and worn out charger cables — the year 2008 saw the majority of electrical fires and electrical failures being caused by the above, leading to 53,000 home fires. There’s no need to cling to old technology, so be sure to give your smartphone and your place of residence a little consideration. When it comes to keeping your devices clean, remember that each square inch of your cell phone is home to at least 25,000 germs. Keeping some antiseptic alcohol wipes will go a long way!

How Do I Get Started?

You know that keeping in mind the kind of high speed Ethernet you want is crucial to making sure you don’t waste time while browsing. You also know your equipment can last a long time if well taken care of, but that it’s imperative to throw out any damaged or frayed wires to avoid possible fires. Now how about putting it all together? While the length of a wire doesn’t actually affect the quality of your video or sound, it can be helpful if you have a large space to set up. A 75 ft Ethernet cable is frequently used because it’s the perfect amount of wire no matter the residence. Ready to set up the entertainment center you’ve always wanted?

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