How To Increase Job Retention In The United States

For many businesses and companies all throughout the United States, job retention has become a growing problem. Human resources departments have noted an increase in poor rates of job retention and these rates are still on the rise. In fact, at the end of June of 2015, nearly three million workers and employees all throughout the United States had voluntarily left their jobs in search of new ones (or for other such reasons). This marked an increase of voluntary job loss by as much as twenty five percent – one whole fourth – when compared to a scant two years previous. Rates of job retention have become so bad that millennials are often called the job hopping generation. When surveyed, more than half of all employed millennials said that they would be willing to leave their current job as soon as they were offered a better position at another company.

There are a number of reasons for poor job retention rates in the United States. These causes range from the job simply being a poor fit for the chosen candidate to employees not receiving sufficient support and motivation in the workplace itself. More and more companies are hiring an executive search consultant to help to identify the root of a company’s cause of poor job retention. An executive search consultant will not only be able to pinpoint the problem, but help to set into motion a plan of action to rectify the problem.

One such definable problem is that of workplace motivation and support. Many a executive search consultant has found a workplace with unhappy workers. These workers are likely to feel unmotivated and unsupported, and this is a problem that is more widespread than many people realize. In fact, only around twenty percent of all employees in the United States felt that they were being pushed and encouraged to do their best work possible. Fortunately, implementing an employee recognition program can be hugely helpful in boosting employee morale and overall engagement. Such programs are becoming more and more widespread throughout companies and businesses in the United States, and of those who have put them into action, more than eighty five percent of all companies felt that they were beneficial in employee engagement.

As any executive search consultant can tell you, the restructuring of the company itself might be needed. A restructuring consultant can help to bring more diversity into the workplace, and diversity is something that is often severely lacking in a wide number of workplaces. And an increase in diversity has been linked to greater success for a company. Companies that are gender diverse have been known to outperform other companies by as much as fifteen percent. And ethnically diverse companies fare even better – outperforming their counterparts by thirty five percent or even more.

Job retention has become hugely problematic in industries all throughout the United States. More and more people are leaving jobs at higher and higher rates and it can feel like job loyalty is truly a thing of the past. However, job retention rates can be improved from company to company – and overall in the United States – through the implementation of an executive search consultant. An executive search consultant can help to implement strategies such as hiring practices as well as help a company in the process of instituting employee recognition programs. The problem with job retention can be all but solved, but it takes hard work and the openness to change in order to successfully do so.

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