How You Can Play Modded Minecraft With Friends on Your Own Server

In this YouTube video, The Breakdown looks at some of the best Minecraft modded server hosting when first starting. Public modded servers are not necessary to out but can help folks overcome a bit of a learning curve.

In general, modded servers are difficult to maintain.

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Consequently, the majority of servers out there are based on plugins and don’t offer modpacks.

The only way for a person to know that a public server has modpacks on it is to start one themselves. First, a person could try a remote server host like Apex Minecraft Hosting. Alternately, a person can use their own computer.

The remote server host option is easier to set up. These companies provide the hardware and security to keep the games safer. People don’t have to worry about the space on their computers.

Setting up a server on a personal computer has more steps and takes more time. A benefit here is the flexibility to run any modpack a person prefers, rather than be limited or restricted potentially by a remote server. It should be noted that when a personal computer is used, the IP address should only be shared with trusted friends and family.

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