HR Recruiters Can Improve Your Business

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When you are trying to make your company the best that it can be, worrying about the quality of your employees can be distracting. The whole purpose of having employees is for them to do the work that puts the company’s products or services out there to the public. If there is a disconnect that results in sub-par work, or in employees leaving at a noticeable rate, something clearly needs to be done and quickly. What many CEO’s may not realize is the problem likely began before the company even got on its feet. Human resources executive recruiters know what they do not: how to hire the right people; developing a robust company culture; and holding on to valuable employees.

People Will Say Anything In Interviews, So Reading Between the Lines Is Critical.

Human resources executive recruiters are specialists in recognizing your company’s most valuable asset: the people. HR recruiters are the ones tasked with culling and interviewing potential new hires. To be successful at this, it is critical that they understand the job that needs to be filled, as well as the other employees the new hire will be expected to work closely with day-in and day-out. Knowing the work personalities of the current employees matters. It has been found that about 22% of new employees will leave their job after as little as 45 days. The reasons cited list performance problems and temperament issues.

How is it possible the interviewer missed these flaws? It is easy, especially when an inexperienced hiring manager looks only at the resume, and/or fails to ask the right questions. Human resources executive recruiters with experience may be better at sussing out these lackluster applicants before they are mistakenly hired.

Company Culture Matters, Especially For New Hires.

Does your company have an orientation for new hires? Tasking an employee to show them around for a few hours and nothing else does not count. Human resources executive recruiters have found that when companies dedicate time for on-boarding, they have a 58% better chance of holding on to those new employees three years down the line. During on-boarding, the new hire is walked through the facility, yes, but they are also instructed in company culture: the mission statement; company employee values; where and who to talk to for certain information; and so on. The important distinction is that this is structured, meaning, each piece of information is the same for each new hire.

Holding On to Driven, Reliable Employees Can Be Surprisingly Difficult.

If human resources executive recruiters do hire the best fit for the position, the task of filling the position is not quite over. You now need to hold onto that stellar employee. About 57% admit that retaining employees can be a problem. HR consultants are not just for hiring, they are also tasked with monitoring the moral of employees. They are also expected to mediate any issues between employees. People like to work for companies that have similar values, and it is important that a company actually ‘walks the walk,’ so to speak. For example, a company whose mission statement insists they support green energy and recycling, but whose offices clearly do not have any sort of recycling program or energy efficient appliances is deemed dishonest. Purported values need to align with actions.

Hiring the right people, those that will merge well into the existing workplace, is good for the performance of the company. From there, companies need to take care to bring them into the fold in a planned and structured way. Holding on to your best employees is simply good business.

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