Increasing Your Marketing Efforts With Outside of the Box Ideas

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Marketing is an important and crucial part to the success of any business. Without effective marketing strategies, businesses would be unable to attract new customers. Although traditional marketing tips are important, like internet marketing, print and radio advertisements, and promotional events, sometimes thinking outside of the box can be beneficial. There are many unconventional and less common forms of marketing that can actually provide good turn around for a business. Consider branching out from your traditional marketing plan to expand your overall customer base.

Local business partnerships

Smaller businesses may find it more difficult to branch into a market that a larger business is already in. It can be tough to encourage customers to try out your brand instead. Partnering with local small businesses can be helpful in extending the reach of the business. Essentially, you are agreeing to share business and recommending one another?s small business. You may offer discounts or promotions through the other business, which can be helpful in increasing your interested customers.

There are a variety of ways to counter market with other small businesses. Agree to post the other businesses advertisements on your windows or store prints. Offer coupons on each other?s receipts. Talk about the other business to your local customers. Some businesses complement each other nicely, such as retail stores and custom embroidery services.

Environmental efforts

Getting involved in an important city or state environmental effort can provide great publicity to a small business. For example, plastic recycling efforts sometimes go unnoticed. Consider providing donations or sponsoring a city wide plastic recycling day. You can pay for the custom plastic parts and custom recycled bins that will collect the plastic recycling items from residents of the city. The positive publicity will help attract new customers to your small business.

Offer discounts to city and state employees

City and state employees are often well connected. They may even be responsible for choosing vendors for the cities services. Provide daily discounts on your products or services for people that work for these departments. In the U.S., there were approximately 3.2 million people working in the cleaning services industry in May of 2013. These people may not seem important to your business, but if you recognize their hard work, they are likely to return the favor.

Brand local items for free

Customers tend to frequent businesses that they recognize. It can be difficult to attract customers to your product or service, if they have never heard of your business. Provide free items, such as plastic recycling bins, commercial laundry carts, or household custom plastic containers. Customers will appreciate the free items, and will provide you with free marketing branding by using those branded items. For example, the vast majority of Americans (90%) report reusing plastic bags. Every time they use a plastic bag with your business name on it, they are providing you with a free marketing service.

Join a trade association

Joining a trade association can earn you referrals and recommendations from other members of that association. Formed in Chicago in 1976, the Association of Rotational Moulders (ARM) is a worldwide trade association that is currently representing companies in 58 countries. Becoming a member of a nationally recognized trade association increases your customer?s trust levels and also makes it more likely that they will recommend your business to others.

It can be difficult to find the marketing strategy that works best for your small business. Marketing is the best way to attract new customers to the business, but it requires some creativity. Consider stepping outside of the traditional marketing strategies and find alternative ways to advertise your business. Partner with local small businesses, sponsor city and state wide events, brand free items for local residents, and join a sponsored trade association for additional referrals. Also, always keep your eye out for additional and unique marketing options.

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