Internet Growth Has Compromised IP Address Security

Ip rotator

It goes to show that IP address privacy is compromised by more than double if you are using iOS based smartphones rather than almost any other device. This is why ip address privacy is such an issue, because anonymous browsing as well as anonymous surfing of any kind is extinct. ‘Data scraping‘ is the common term used to describe taking that ip address privacy away and using a web scraping tool to take data off of a device. Many times the anonymizer does not know how to hide IP information and therefore their ip address privacy is compromised and could potentially be exposed to the world. The way that this commonly happens is by having too many online display ads present and it looks like fixing that is not happening since they have been growing since the end of 2012, especially with the number of internet users quadrupling in the ten years between 2000 and 2010. Now, almost half of all internet users are not even from America! They are from Asia! This may account for why there are so many issues with IP address privacy and why there are so many people who feel that their privacy has been invaded.

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