It’s Time to Start Measuring Loyalty in the Hospitality Industry

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In any kind of service industry today, it is hard to quantify just how important a customer’s loyalty can be to the success of a business. If you are in the hotel industry, for example, customers have booked with you for one reason or another over your competition. If you want to increase your bottom line, you will take seriously the need to secure their loyalty. If you can build loyalty with just 5% more of the people who stay with you, you can expect to increase your profits anywhere from 25% to 100% per customer.

There might be several reasons they decided to book their stay with you. They might have seen a discounted, promotional rate online. They might have heard great things from a friend or co-worker about your hotel. Or, they might have stayed at your location before. Whatever the case may be, you want to turn them into a repeat customer. If you want to do that, you need to start taking into consideration what customer loyalty means to you. Hotel management systems that streamline your property management activities just might be the very thing that helps build a bond of loyalty with your customers.

People will remain loyal to a business for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is if a company makes it easy for them to do business with their new and existing customers. In the hospitality industry, this can have a wide range of practical applications. Ease of doing business for a customer can mean the ease with which they find the hotel, to begin with, the ease with which they are checked in, and even they way they are followed up with days or even weeks after they have left the hotel. The right hospitality management software systems can do this for you and do it incredibly well.

Hotel front desk software can play a very big role in accomplishing the task of pleasing a customer and keeping them loyal to your brand. The first way this can be accomplished is by having hotel front desk software that makes it easy to go from reservation to check in.

If a guest has done all of the work to research your hotel and has made a reservation to stay there, they have already formed at least a hopeful opinion about things like how comfortable the rooms are and the quality of the technology in hotel rooms like the ones you have displayed on the internet. What you do not want to do is give them a reason to dislike your establishment right off the bat if their check-in does not go smoothly.

Hotel front desk software that does not line up with online reservation information or conflicts with the verified confirmation that a guest has with them will cause confusion and trouble for you. The last thing a guest wants is to have his bags at his feet with no confirmation of a room to stay in. Hotel technology has improved a great deal over the last several years and customers have come to expect a great deal as well.

If your hotel has a restaurant in which a guest is expecting to dine, they might also have a reservation that they have made online. If your hotel front desk software is not up to date, you might also end up missing out on additional money that could come by way of that restaurant. Missing out on the opportunity to take reservations so that a guest might plan their dining experience in advance is another avenue by which they might be disappointed and will not choose to be loyal.

When it comes to customer loyalty, there has never been a better time to use technology in order to capture it.

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