Keep Your Head in the Clouds The Benefits of Cloud Services

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As children, we are often told to keep our heads out of the clouds. Yet, they continued to hold our interest, as we searched for new and interesting pictures in the clouds. Or, as we imagined sleeping on the soft fluffiness of these pillows. Today, however, the term “cloud services” has a whole new meaning. Instead of fluffy white mounds of condensed water, “the cloud” today often refers to internet-based storage software.

Many people run applications and programs that are stored on a physical computer or hard drive. Using the cloud, on the other hand, allows the same access to the same programs, with the use of the internet. Instead of storing these programs on a hard drive, they are stored in the cloud — and they can only be accessed through an internet connection. Despite this downfall, cloud services are still incredibly useful.

In fact, cloud services have developed into such a huge market, that it is predicted the global market for cloud equipment will reach more than $79 billion by 2018. Part of the reason for this, is that the benefits of using cloud equipment and IT consulting services far outweigh the challenges. Here’s a list of reasons you should be using the cloud:

  1. Security. Perhaps the most important benefit of the cloud is its security. Each and every week, over 100 thousand hard drives crash in the United States alone. With such a high crash rate, the amount of data and information lost is substantial. However, with regular back ups in the cloud, and programs stored there as well, the loss experienced from these crashes can seriously decrease. Many businesses and individuals alike choose to protect their data and most important documents through the cloud, because it can never crash the way a hard drive can.
  2. Reduced Costs. Companies are able to save a lot of money, when they use cloud services and similar managed IT services. Most companies will report reduced costs and increased savings after they move to the cloud. This is because they are able to downsize their IT department. For example, these companies no longer have to spend money on expensive hard drive and server equipment. With the use of cloud services, costs can easily be reduced to save companies thousands of dollars, if not more. And individuals benefit as well, as they can store personal documents and photos without having to purchase expensive hard drives.
  3. Freedom. The freedom to work from anywhere is a huge plus for most companies. Should a business trip occur, or any other event that may require individuals to work away from the office, cloud computing makes it possible. All workers need is a strong internet connection and they can work from anywhere. For individuals, this is an important perk, as well, because it allows them to access their important information from anywhere.
  4. Environmental Benefits. Last, but certainly not least, are the environmental benefits. It should come as no surprise that the cloud, with its increased freedom and flexibility, also helps companies to go paperless. With increased online collaboration, companies can reduce the amount of paper used. They only need to use the energy they need and can thus easily reduce their carbon footprint!

While you may remain stubborn and resist the use of the cloud, it is important to consider these benefits. The cloud has the potential to make a huge difference for any company or individual. With all of its flexibility and cost saving perks, maybe we should keep our heads in the clouds!

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