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Technology is constantly changing the world we live in for the better, making it easier to exchange information and gain new knowledge. So why should the medical industry be any different? Thanks to a number of new mobile health applications, healthcare is evolving to make things more convenient for doctors, nurses, technicians, patients, and more.

The main aim of mobile health initiatives is often to make the exchange of medical information easier and more convenient, while simultaneously keeping the information secure. A common plan involves an increasingly common device: a mobile phone. Software companies are developing technology that would encrypt patient information on one phone, send it to another mobile phone through a secure messaging service, and then decrypt the information. This form of medical text messaging would increase a doctor’s ability to treat patients quickly and efficiently by communicating the patient’s medical information through secure text messaging.

However, mobile healthcare applications have to work within established guidelines to ensure patient privacy: one of these guidelines, the HIPPA Privacy rule, legislates the use and disclosure of protected health information held by health insurers, medical service providers, and other facets of the health industry. Specifically, Title II of HIPPA requires those in the medical industry to meet national standards for electronic healthcare transactions. This includes the patient information that secure texting for healthcare seeks to communicate.

Fortunately, as long as mobile health initiatives work to ensure that they meet the national standards set by HIPPA, mobile healthcare technology is still an option for the medical industry. For example, because medical text messaging encrypts and then decrypts the information being sent, it ensures patient privacy and complies with HIPPA.

Currently, there are 551 certified medical information software companies in the United States. Together, they sell 1,137 software programs that can change the way the medical industry does business. What if one of these companies could introduce mobile healthcare solutions that could help doctors and patients communicate? What if the development and deployment of a software program, like secure text messaging for healthcare, could help healthcare providers save money while also meeting HIPPA standards? Would you be interested? If the answer is yes, contact a certified medical information software company today.

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