The 3 Common Cable Types You Need to Know

There are a lot of cables out there that you can choose from that cover vastly different aspects in your home. Here is a brief summary of the most common types of cables that you can use to enhance the way you use technology.

Ethernet Cables

An ethernet cable is one of the most commonly found cables in a home or office. An ethernet cable enables direct connection to an internet network. Resembling what us old timers would consider a phone jack, this cable plugs into a computer, tv, or applicable device, and directly connects them into the network without having to setup a wireless connection. This can have many benefits over wifi as it usually offers a faster internet connection, without the worry of interruptions that can sometimes come up, especially if your computers wifi card is older or not in good shape. Most cables are also effective against outside electrical interference, which can help stop any interruptions when your in the middle of an important project. These cables are limited by length, however 500 ft HDMI cables do exist, and let me tell you from personal experience, they are more than sufficient for reaching devices even in different rooms in your house.

HDMI Cables

HDMI cables are most often used to connect your TV to a cable box, DVD player, or game console. HDMI stands for high definition media interface, and it is used to transferring audio and video from one source to another. Another thing HDMI cables can be used for is connecting computers to additional monitors. I’m using a two screen setup right now, extending my laptop onto a 50 in monitor via HDMI. This allows for clearer and larger picture quality, as well as better and clearer audio than the small screen and speaks of my laptop allow. HDMI cables can be used for a variety of purposes, and it take minimal effort to set them up!

Power Lightning Cables

Power lightning cables are something every iPhone user is familiar with. These cables are specifically designed to work with iPhones and other Apple designed devices. However, when looking for power lightning cables it’s best to buy good quality products and not the 99 cent knock offs that are sometimes provided by online retailers. Using a cheap cable can lead to battery damage in the phone and decrease the overall lifespan of the device. Additionally, knock of power lightning cables can lead to phones not staying charged as long, or loosing a change sooner than usual. If you own a device that uses a power lightning cable, spring for a good quality one.

Cables are everywhere in our lives, from the TVs we watch, to the phones we talk on, and the computers we use. These are only 3 of many that exist, but they are 3 of the most common you will come across. Knowing what these the do can help you begin to be a bit more tech savvy and maybe cause you to expand your own computer or entertainment system set up if you so desire. The possibilities are out there.

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