The Importance of Preventing a Security Data Breach

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Is the majority of your business completed over the internet? In today?s technological times, many businesses are either primarily or mostly based over the internet. Although this can be extremely useful, opening your business up to new customers and new services, it can also present many security concerns. You are sharing confidential information over the internet. Your customers are also providing and entrusting your business with their billing and location information. Data security is extremely important and the following security tips will help you ensure that your business is as secure as possible.

Outsource your IT needs

Every business that collects payment or confidential information over the internet should have a dedicated information technology team. This could be your own IT employees or it could be an outsourced, dedicated IT team. Either way, it is important to have someone regularly monitoring the security of the website. It is also important to have an IT professional that is familiar with security in the event that a security breach occurs. Security breaches often require immediate action, so this is not the right time to reach out and find an IT professional.

Advanced virus and security breach software

It is also a good idea to have a virus and security breach software in place. This is a program that automatically monitors the information that is transmitted. The program looks for any possible threats and warns you before too much information is breached. This is often done with entity analytics and identity resolution features. Text analytics is often applied to more advanced of security needs. It can support and strengthen border security, for example, in three ways, to identify dangers near borders and at screening time, to identify potential dangers that need follow up, and to forecast future issues at borders.

Improve security on all internet platforms

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is implementing a security plan on only one platform. This is usually the platform that is most used, but it puts the other ones at risk. For example, many people tend to overlook social media data analysis. Yet, social media data analysis and especially Facebook can put you at risk of a security threat. Facebook has 1.97 billion monthly active users worldwide, producing an enormous amount of data every second. Make sure you are including social media data analysis into your security plan. Use other features like entity matching and link extraction to reach a wide target of cybersecurity extraction.

Develop an emergency breach plan

No business wants to suffer a data breach. However, it occurs and it occurs even to those businesses with large, experienced, and dedicated IT teams. Some threatening programs can make it through anything and anytime you do business over the internet, you are at risk. The best way to deal with this is to be proactive. Have an emergency plan in place of how you will handle a large scale security breach. When will you inform your customers? Will you offer them any type of free credit monitoring services? Who will you call to navigate the business through the data breach?

Text mining is one of the most advanced internet security measures today. It can currently help businesses of all sizes in three major ways, it can provide more accurate insights across a broader range of sources, it can provide accurate risk, compliance, and threat detection, and it can improve customer engagement by using natural language processing to generate early insights into what customers are thinking now. Text mining paired with other advanced security measures like social media data analysis and link extraction can significantly improve the internet security of a business.

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