Tips for Prevent Ink Waste From Your Printer

Are you frustrated with how much ink you consume and how much it is costing you to buy new cartridges? This video gives you some tips on how to use ink more efficiently.

The amount of ink you use and can potentially save will depend on the kind of printer and cartridges you have. Some large printers have a special tank to collect waste ink, which is then used in cleaning the machine and keeping it going. The narrator, who seems to be the owner of a printer repair service, says that ink in a printer has two jobs. It is sprayed on paper to produce prints and it is circulated throughout the machine to stop parts from drying up.

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Most people are unaware that it is used for the latter purpose, but this is the way that all printers function, so you must accept this as the cost of doing business. However, you should know that most of the ink goes for printing rather than maintenance.

The narrator offers a number of tips for using ink efficiently. Perhaps the most important is that you should use the printer regularly. Most large inkjet printers are designed to be used almost continuously. If you use your printer irregularly, there will be a build-up of ink and parts will start to dry out. Now you know how to prevent the waste of printer ink.


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