Top 4 Hotel Trends Moving Us Into the Future

Times are a-changing, and like in any industry today, hotel trends are desperately evolving to keep up and keep client loyalty. In the process, the technology we’re cultivating is starting to make modern hotel stays look eerily, wonderfully futuristic.

  1. Every convenience and service is shifting to be smart-device friendly.

    In our highly digital age, the latest trends in hotel industry technology include having the option to center the hotel guest’s experience around a hotel or chain’s smartphone application. Through an app, guests can check in, text hotel staff with requests, and even unlock their room. It’s a natural next step in the technology spectrum; around 53% of travelers already use their smartphones to get travel-related info, and that number is only going to rise. The Wynn Las Vegas is even installing an Amazon Echo device in each of its rooms to allow guests to voice control aspects of their room such as lighting and temperature. According to AAA Diamond inspection manager John Lubanski, the quality of a hotel’s connective technology will affect future AAA property ratings.

  2. Designs and themes are fundamentally changing.

    New design trends in hospitality are popping up everywhere. Hotels are being built and redesigned with cutting edge philosophies in mind, such as nature-heavy “biophilic” design and locally-sourced art displays. In fact, hotel trends in general are moving towards embracing ‘natural’ and ‘local’ themes, such as in food offerings and quirky local activity suggestions.

  3. The shape of rooms is evolving.

    The set-up of the typical hotel room is changing in many chains both well-known and indie. One example is a trend towards building ‘micro-rooms’ for personal and sleeping time, which accommodates more people in the hotel space, and combining those micro-rooms with large shared living spaces to eat, socialize, and conduct work. Some indie brands are even experimenting with ideas like “pop-up” temporary hotels.

  4. Hotels are trying to use artificial intelligence to keep track of guest preferences and personalize their experience.

    This one is still experimental and a little ways off, but with the industry installing so much technology in hotel rooms, it’s not difficult to imagine guest preferences being recorded and used. Maybe next time you book a room at that hotel in the city again, they’ll have pre-stocked the mini fridge with your favorite soda.

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