Top Security Cameras for Your Business

Office security is very important for the safety of your assets, workers, and customers. Here are some top security cameras to implement into your business.

D3Ds Wireless HD indoor security camera.This camera is equipped with 360 – degree view control, where the user can rotate the camera horizontally and vertically at any angle.

Video Source

This feature can be regulated from anywhere in the world as the camera is directly linked to D3D’s mobile application. Its automatic infrared LED illuminated night vision can cover up to 10km. the camera comes with a micro SD slot expandable up to 128GB. The data recorded can be transferred to PC or Mobile App.

Trak Family Technology Solutions. Here is the true application of plug and play security camera service that meets scrutiny needs of offices with great efficiency. All you need to do is plug into power to connect to a strong wifi source. Now with the app installed on the smartphone, one can indulge in remote connectivity and can begin monitoring right away. No complicated set up processes, no need for QR codes or any codes after all!

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