What Is a PTO Clutch? Explained

Not everyone is a machine expert or a savvy industrial worker. As a result, not everyone is fully informed on what is a PTO clutch and what it is used for. However, it is a pretty important part of the machinery world and so much more. So Americans should have some concept of how this piece of machinery works all of the many applications.

First and foremost, the world of industrial machinery mechanics and machinery maintenance workers is on the rise. Therefore, many Americans are encouraged to get trained to work in this line of work. Between the years of 2016 and 2026, projects expect a 7% growth for employment in this industry. As a result, more and more adults will be working with a PTO clutch at their job. After all, a clutch is an intricate part of many different types of machines.

A PTO is a lever or a switch commonly built into tractors and mowers and stands as well. The letters PTO stand for Power Take Off and it is very important to machines like tractors and mowers. In some cases, an electric switch will receive power to properly help operate the mower dock or any type of machine. As a result, it is a bit easier to understand how important this type of clutch can really be for machines.

An air clutch brake, caliper brake, industrial clutch are not the same as a PTO clutch. Instead, the PTO is a much more rare type of clutch and is not commonly applies to vehicles. However, there may some cases in which these brakes are applied to vehicles but that is more of a rare case that a common case. More often than not, this clutch commonly works with a tractor or another type of industrial machine.

In some situations, a PTO can help get a mower running through either a belt or a shaft. Usually, the shift driven types of PTO options are for big tractors. So in farm situations, in rural areas, the PTO clutch is a very popular clutch and is applied to tractors. After all, this is going to help big mowers work well and will help farmers take care of their land. Keep in mind that farmland is not at all like downtown cityscapes and more.

Basically, the PTO clutch is a switch that is going to disengage and re-engage power. So in some situations, this clutch is used to create a deadman’s switch. Now, the standard terminology for this concept is a safety disengage feature. However, popular slang has brought this term to a place where it is often referred to as a deadman’s switch. While this sounds a bit ominous, it is one of the most important pieces on a big tractor.

A safety disengage feature provides drivers with a way to avoid dangerous and sometimes fatal injuries. The PTO clutch works to sense the weight of the driver on the tractor. Tractors with this feature only start when weight is applied to the seat. As a result, the tractor immediately shuts off if anyone falls off of it. So any farm owner that wants a safe mower for themselves, their family, or their workers, find one with a certain type of clutch.

To some people, death by tractor sounds far-fetched. However, it is something that happens and it can be absolutely horrific for all parties involved. As a result, there are now safety guidelines for these types of machines. So it is much harder to find a tractor without the proper safety switch as opposed to earlier years. So take time to get the best possible situation for your farm and your tractors with a PTO clutch!

In Conclusion

It is great that there are new developments in machinery and the machine industry. After all, these unsung heroes are essential workers that help keep America going! They deserve premier safety and more.

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