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HIPAA Compliant Email Solutions for Your Medical Practice

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HIPAA compliant emails and messaging seems to top the list of developments for mobile medical technology. In fact, the advances in technology have enabled better mobile health applications that now include advanced telemedicine access, higher use of electronic records and HIPAA email compliance. In dealing with protected health information, there are growing opportunities to take advantage of mobile health applications and platforms while still remaining compliant. Using various healthcare mobile apps, you can incorporate medical text messaging and secure email services to better communicate with your patients.

To incorporate mobile medical applications, you can do some preliminary research to insure you find the appropriate solution for your practice. By adding HIPPA text messaging services, you have the fle

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Three Ways to Save Your Start Up Business

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Is your small business in danger? Eight out of 10 start up businesses fail per year, Forbes reports. What is most troubling, however, is that most business failures are largely avoidable — with some quick adjustment and flexibility. Reevaluating a few key elements can save a company on its way out. What are these key elements?

Employee Drive, Support, and Overall Morale

Employee morale — all over the U.S. — is in crisis. With employers expecting increasingly high amounts of work for equal or lesser pay, it is no wonder that a growing number of employees feel under-appreciated. This is especially troubling for start up businesses, who often depend even more heavily on their employees. CEO Morgan Norman talks to Business Insider about the importance of employee support

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All About Cloud Computing, the Business Technology of 2014

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If you’re reading this, you know how important cloud computing has become. According to statistics from Forbes, American businesses are expected to spend over $13 billion this year on cloud computing solutions. Meanwhile, American citizens continue to spend over $2 billion on Netflix and other cloud entertainment services annually. Clearly, cloud solutions are fundamentally reshaping this fledgling age of the internet.

The Cloud isn’t Really New
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