Need a New Gaming Magazine? I Have Just the One

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How do you get your gaming news. It is not through, but it should be. sounds like the perfect name for a website built around gaming of all kinds, namely video gaming. There are a lot of video gaming magazines, both physical and online, out there for you to get your news from. But they are all so very specific. One for Playstation, one for Microsoft, one for computer games. But there is no really reliable source among the video game magazines that encompasses them all, like Gamepro magazine should. But, guess what. There actually is a

That is right, it is registered through PCWorld Magazine. But they do not seem to be doing anything with it. When you type the URL into your browser, it just links you right to PC World. So what is up with PCWorld? What do they focus on? Why do they care about Gamepro? Why do they have it registered?

PCWorld is a magazine that is available to help the reader through the often confusing and convoluted ecosystem that is the world of PCs. It is there to help its readers find products and advice on all things PC related. Time and time again, PCWorld has proven itself to be the leader in news, reviews, and insights when it comes to PCs.

They focus on how to get the most from your PC, whether it is for play, home usage, or even for businesses. They cover the truly technical aspect of building computers or servers, to software such as the new Windows 8. They like to reach out to a tech savvy audience that is looking for expert advice from a trusted source.

They are not just simply touting these claims, they have the proof behind them. Their reviews bear weight. They are often quoted in in-depth studies and national ad campaigns. Their work can be found in print, online, mobile, and social circles. They continue to innovate, deliver quality content and valuable information to their audience in meaningful, thought-provoking ways.

Yet, with all of that fantastic backing, why have they not done anything with the gamepro URL? Their tech advice and content is fantastic and incredibly helpful, so we can only hope that they have something in the works for when, or if, gamepro goes live.

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