The Top 10 Gaming Magazines

Gamepro magazine

With the development of highly complex and technologically advanced gaming systems and their ability to connect to the internet, gaming has become a popular hobby for people of all ages. In the past, it might have only been little kids who spent hours in front of the TV playing their favorite game, but nowadays, all kinds of people play. In order to get fully engulfed in the gaming world, and maybe even give themselves an edge, many gamers will want to read magazines articles that are full of information about their favorite games. But since there are many to choose from, it can be hard to find the right one. If that is the case, they might want to check out the list of the best video game magazines published in 2011.

Like every good list of gamer magazines, the Complex list ranks Game Informer as the best. In fact, the site goes so far as to call it the “Holy Grail of video game magazines.” GI, as the magazine is often reffered to, is most known for providing all kinds of exclusives, including first looks and reviews of upcoming games. As a result, it is no wonder that, as of June 2012, some eight million copies were sold every month.

Lots of gamers are loyal to just one system, and will take pride in mastering those games. Fortunately, there are gaming magazines for every major system, and Complex was sure to list them. The Official Xbox Magazine, Nintendo Power, and the official magazine of Playstation are all listed because they provide insights about specific games and developments. Of the three, Nintendo Power has been around the longest, as its first issue featured Super Mario Bros. 2.

The other magazines found on the list, which are likely to be discussed in other computer articles as well, are Game Developer, Edge, PC Gamer, GamePro Magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and Famitsu, which is the most read and respected gaming magazine in Japan. This comprehensive list only features ten magazines, but offers something for just about every gamer. Even professionals in the gaming industry, from developers to marketers, can find what they need in Game Developer. So no matter what type of games someone likes to play or the system they play them on, there are great magazines full of insights and information that are great for every gamer.

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