Phone In The Toilet

Ipad management

Almost 10 percent of people who own iPhones have dropped it in the toilet at least once. Some of those were work cell phones. Since 2010, over 34 million iPads have been purchased in the US. And fifty four percent of employees use their tablets for both personal and business reasons. That might include opening foreign emails that could cause problems. That is a whole lot of problems to add to the plates of our corporate IT teams.

A good mobile device management solution has the capability to immediately and automatically support mobile iOS upgrades. iPhone enterprise management service is being provided to more and more companies. iPhone enterprise management companies are there to support corporate IT departments with iPad management, iPad security, iphone management, iPhone security and even iphone enterprise management software.

A company offering iPhone enterprise management will take care of all these new and numerous issues arising in the new technology, freeing up corporate IT teams to focus on computer issues, like they have the skill set for. Instead of training a new employee on all of these things, and them having him up and leave with that knowledge, for the time being it could make sense to outsource iPhone enterprise management.

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