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Discover the Endless World of Gaming

Pcworld magazine

Whenever someone picked up a copy of Gamepro Magazine, the people around them no doubt knew that they were in the company of someone who took their video games seriously. Just as people make a living playing chess and Monopoly, there are people who compete all around the world playing different games. With Gamepro Magazine, both professional and amateur gamers could absorb outstanding gaming and computer articles each month.

Unlike other generic gaming magazines, Gamepro Magazine focused on video games with a laser like intensity. It did not matter if they were for a PC or Mac platform. Aside from computer games, there were always articles to read about for console games as well. Whether someone was loyal to SEGA, Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony, there was always a cool piece of news for them to read about.


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Stay Afloat in the Sea of Constant Technological Development

Technology never spends time stagnant.

This has never been more true than it has been in the past 20 years. We are in the middle of the information revolution, and advancement continues to compound upon itself, day in and day out. If you want to keep up with the extreme rapidity of these developments, the only way you will have a chance is if you regularly read magazines articles about computers.

There are plenty of places to find great magazines articles on computers and technology. Whether you visit tech review sites, read computerworld magazine, or visit, there is absolutely no shortage of sources for computer based magazines articles. By reading such articles, you can remain informed on new video game releases, new leaps in technology, and future plans for industry giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

The realms of technology, the economy and politics are beginning to merge. What this means is that tech magazines articles also often contain news that pertains to much more than just hardware and software. The recent discussion and debate on data privacy is one example of what I am speaking of. Once the information leaked that the NSA has been surveying American citizens without our knowledge, this merging became most evident.

Which source do you choose for your tech magazines articles? I am always looking for new sites to add to my news feed. Please leave your suggestions and thoughts in the comment box below. Thanks!

Saving Computers From Destruction

Athens computer repair

The world has gone electronic. Information is stored on computers. Games are played on computers. Communication is done over computers. Entire businesses are stored on computers. People spend countless hours in front of their computers. When something in a computer goes wrong, it needs to be fixed right away. Computer repair athens ga is able to fix up the machines that the world relies upon.

Computer support Athens GA works to make sure that computers run smoothly and effectively. IT athens GA keeps the machines up to date and virus free. When a computer has problems, businesses go to computer help athens ga to make things work again.

Time is of the essence in the business world. The computer athens ga is at the center of the business world. It connects businesses to other businesses. It connects businesses to their various branches, and it connects businesses to their customers. Companies store important information on computers. When one starts to go down, they go to computer repair Athens GA.

Businesses have been running for centuries, millennia even. They have excelled without the use of computers. However, the invention of the computer and all of the new technology that comes with it has made businesses bigger and more efficient than ever. Computer repair Athens GA ensures that those businesses can continue to run smoothly at the level that is required.

Read This About iPhone Repair

Cell phone repair

Move that bottle of water away from your iPhone right now. Do it. Do it and then you can read.

Did you move it? Good. Let’s continue.

Within a year of purchasing an iPhone 4, 15.5 percent of people will have an accident with it. The most common of those accidents are the iPhones being dropped into toilets, swimming pools, lakes, slipping from a lap or being knocked off a table, or, the reason why you had to move your water, liquid being spilt on them. Soda is even worse, but water is the most common. And believe it or not, 16 percent of all iPhone accidents happen in the bathroom.

While we probably don’t want to know what you’re doing with your iPhone in the bathroom, there is an answer for you should you drop your phone into that toilet bowl. And it’s not shoving your iPhone into a bag of rice. That answer is, iPhone repair. Believe it or not, it’s out there. iPhone repair, cell phone repair, iPad repair and places to buy iphone parts are actually pretty common. And chances are, it’s far cheaper to find iPhone repair than it is to replace the phone for damages that aren’t covered by the warranty.

That’s right, if you pour that bottle of water on your iPhone, it won’t be covered. Sorry.

While random accidents caused by strange shenanigans or general negligence in care and use aren’t covered by the warranty on your iPhone, the phone battery is. Outside of accidents, most of the issues that techs responsible for iPhone repair tend to come across is with the phone batteries. Any iPhone repair technician will tell you that a battery is easy to take care of and replace, but it’s the lasting damage from negligence that even they have a hard time rectifying.

Minor water damage can easily be cared for by tossing your iPhone into a bowl of uncooked rice. The rice will dry the phone out and put it into working condition once again. The will not summon an iPhone repair technician. If the rice doesn’t work, however, it might time to take your phone into an iPhone repair shop. Even if It was dropped, the people who work at any of these repair depots will know exactly who to fix your phone.

Be Informed When Buying a Computer Buy the Best Computer for You

Computer best buy

To find a computer best buy, there are a lot of places you can go, either to a store front or online. Computers have become an integral part of first world society, but how do you figure out what computer is right for you? The best buy for your lifestyle is going to depend on what you use a computer for, and it is also going to depend on where you go to look for suitable technology.

If you are into video games, then video game magazines are going to offer you a lot of advertisements for different kinds of systems with processors and video cards and RAM that is going to be able process your graphics heavy games. In those rigs, CPU which is your processing power and GPU which is your video rendering set up, are the most crucial pieces. Because there will be a lot of power drawn on to operate huge gaming systems, the use and positioning of multiple fans is going to become integral as well.

There are many magazines and sources of information to draw on for a gaming rig. Many of them have internet counterparts, such as gamepro magazine and, and of course, there are online resources that aren’t tied to gaming magazines. Some of the best ideas and reviews come from articles about computers online, especially on tech review sites, so you don’t need a Pc magazine subscription to make informed buying decisions for your computer.

Between reading articles on computers to become familiar with what sort of specs you need to complete the best computer you can buy for your purposes. Essentially, your own personal computer best buy. And the more informed you are, the better your buy will be for you.