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Pcworld magazine

Whenever someone picked up a copy of Gamepro Magazine, the people around them no doubt knew that they were in the company of someone who took their video games seriously. Just as people make a living playing chess and Monopoly, there are people who compete all around the world playing different games. With Gamepro Magazine, both professional and amateur gamers could absorb outstanding gaming and computer articles each month.

Unlike other generic gaming magazines, Gamepro Magazine focused on video games with a laser like intensity. It did not matter if they were for a PC or Mac platform. Aside from computer games, there were always articles to read about for console games as well. Whether someone was loyal to SEGA, Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony, there was always a cool piece of news for them to read about.

Aside from just being for hardcore gaming fanatics, Gamepro Magazine was also for people who were getting into games for the first time. Like the related publication, people could read about which system might have been the best fit for them. Some people may be more suited to role playing and character development games, while others may decide that they are into target shooting or strategy games.

Gamepro Magazine was not just for people that lived and breathed video games. It was also for people who wanted to read articles on computers and different computer systems. Whether someone was interested in PC computer reviews, or advice for which kind of system to purchase on a budget, Gamepro Magazine would provide them with detailed information that could prove very useful for the decision making process.

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