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How Portable Bridges Can Help People and Prevent Accidents

Rent a temporary bridge

When trying to construct a new bridge, it can be difficult to do so, without taking away a current form of transportation for cars, pedestrians, and others who may need to get across. Some might even argue that the bridges should not be repaired, since it will cause too many problems with traffic, and make it difficult for others to get where they need to go. Using military portable bridges can solve many of these problems, since it offers another option of getting across, and can easily be relocated when the need calls for it. There are over 600,00 bridges in the United States, meaning many of these bridges need repairs of some kind. Here are three reasons to use an alte

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The Advantages of Bolted Tanks

Wastewater treatment container

Every year homeowners make plenty of difficult decisions especially within the process of picking the right home and making sure this home meets all of your requirements. When people think of buying a home, they often make a grave mistake. Many people only think about things such as furnishing, architectural designs, and interior decorating when they are buying or building a house. This can be costly for the homeowner as they may run the risk of making a flawed design in their house or may miss installing an important utility.

One incredibly important utility that people often overlook involved the industry of large water tanks. Large water storage tanks come in all types o

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Do You Have a New Product Idea That Depends on Turnkey PCB Assembly?


Many of the things that you use every day rely on a printed circuit board (PCB). The fact that these boards are so common in all of the things that we use means that both high and low volume PCB assembly processes are an important industry. In fact, small batch PCB assembly is the basis that many prototypes depend upon. It is easy to understand that without low volume PCB assembly many companies would be limited in their product development.
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How to Leverage Entity Analytics in Your Business

Entity extraction tools

In the modern world, the average person produces a wealth of data. When the right information is collected, that data can be incredibly useful to your business, whether you want to know what your customers think or identify security risks.

Unfortunately, most of that data is rarely analyzed. The International Data Collective (IDC) estimates that less than one percent of data is ever analyzed. Text mining can help bridge this data analysis gap.

Text mining software is designed to make the daunting task of collecting and analyzing data painless so you can focus on putting that data to use for your company. Entity analytics, such as entity extraction

What is Entity Resolution?

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Is Your Data Center Properly Organized? You Could Be Losing Valuable Energy, Time And Money

Hot aisle containment options

Space is an economical function. When we lack the proper space to properly organize our equipment, that factor bleeds into day-to-day life and affects everything from business figures to professional relationships. While looking into the different types of electronics racks may not seem as worthwhile an endeavor as investing in marketing or seeking out program updates, it’s one of the most subtle and effective ways of keeping your business running as smoothly as possible. Let’s talk about the benefits of hot aisle containment and why you should consider upgrading your data rack products to be as efficient as you are.

Did You Know

Some quick facts to give us the big picture before we look into various types of electronics racks and IT rack sizes. Over 60% of

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