How an Executve Search Consultant Can Help Your Company Make the Right Hire


As many human resource managers discover, making the wrong hire can be a costly mistake. It affects both office morale and productivity, and can be expensive as well. Combined with the growing trend towards job hopping, it affects the stability of the workplace in a negative way. Sometimes outsourcing the hiring process can be the best way to find the right person for the job. Especially when it comes to senior positions, an hr executive search consultant can bring both experience and wide networks to the task.

Why making the right hire matters
A good hire is not just someone with the best resume but also someone who fits in well with a company and becomes a long term player. This begins with the hiring process, which should ensure not only a skills match but also clearly specify the job requirements. In fact, the majority of failed hires are due to lack of clarity in performance objectives along with a poor skills match.
Especially for senior management positions, outsourcing talent acquisition can help to avoid these pitfalls. A professional hr executive search consultant can draw upon experience as well as extensive networks to identify the right candidate for each position.

The job hopping generation
Millennials have been called the job hopping generation and they do tend to change jobs much more frequently than other cohorts. By the end of June 2015, 2.7 million people had left their jobs voluntarily. This was a 25% increase over the corresponding number two years previously.
According to a 2016 Gallup poll, 6 out of 10 millennials were open to a new job at any given time. This makes employee retention more difficult than ever. Making the right hire can be the most important step in retaining employees and maintaining business morale and productivity.

Why hire hr recruiters?
For many companies, it makes sense to outsource their hr executive searches. Professional hr executive search consultants have several advantages over in-house human resources staff. HR consultants can draw upon wide networks in multiple industries to find the right candidates for each position. They have years of experience in matching candidates to jobs and companies.
HR executive search consultants also have a wider perspective, since they can look at the company and candidates in an objective fashion. Based on their experience, executive search consultants can also help companies to develop onboarding programs that will help new hires to find their feet in the new work environment. They can help to design professional development programs that cover leadership development, succession planning, and executive coaching to help new hires succeed.

The workplace and business environments are changing rapidly but one factor remains the same: the success of any company depends on the quality of its employees. Especially when it comes to senior hires, making the right choice can be very important. Outsourcing the hiring process to an hr executive search consultant can help companies to find the right person for the job.

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