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Many people in the computer and tech world are interested in keeping up with current computer news. It is important for people involved in the computer and technology industries to understand current events, since these fields are notoriously fast faced and tend to reward those who are most on the cutting edge. There are several good sources you can read or watch for tech news, including computer articles, pc magazine subscriptions, tech review sites, online videos, and more. PC magazine subscriptions in particular are a good way to get constant, week to week tech updates. What is some of the latest news you might hear about from the tech world?

First, Microsoft is releasing its new Xbox this week, and rumors are flying in gaming magazines as to what the new generation will unveil. Everything from the name to the specs of the machine is being debated. Everyone will know the real truth soon, at the very least, and video game magazines will be among the first to post results and how well they line up with former expectations.

Second, in further developments on a security attack against Google back in 2009, it has been revealed that the hacking was actually done by a Chinese government counterespionage operation. In case you are not familiar with this case, the breach allowed hackers to view Gmail accounts that were flagged for court ordered wiretaps. PC magazine subscriptions note that this would have given the attacks information about active investigations that involved undercover operatives of Chinese origin.

Third, PC magazine subscriptions have noted that this week Samsung released its wallet app, which allows users to save credit card information to their smartphones so that they can make online purchases. Samsung has traditionally been labeled as week for its software capabilities, and this represents an effort to counteract that label, as well as increase its uniqueness in a crowded market. Right now magazines articles say that the app is only available in Korea, but will probably move to domestic markets fairly soon, given the demand and interest in it currently.

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