Need a New Gaming Magazine? I Have Just the One

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How do you get your gaming news. It is not through, but it should be. sounds like the perfect name for a website built around gaming of all kinds, namely video gaming. There are a lot of video gaming magazines, both physical and online, out there for you to get your news from. But they are all so very specific. One for Playstation, one for Microsoft, one for computer games. But there is no really reliable source among the video game magazines that encompasses them all, like Gamepro magazine should. But, guess what. There actually is a

That is right, it is registered through PCWorld Magazine. But they do not seem to be doing anything with it. When you type the URL into your browser, it just links you right to PC World. So what is up with PCWorld? What do they focus on? Wh

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Three of the Best Gaming Magazines

Pcworld magazine

The use of computers, whether they are the traditional desktop variety or newer mobile solutions, has exploded over the last decade. From 2011 to 2012, the average amount of time Americans were spending on their computers each day rose by 20%. Subsequently, nearly 355.2 million computers were sold last year.

This geometric growth can be attributed to many different factors. As computer technology becomes cheaper and more readily available, schools are beginning to adopt more computer-based teaching solutions. It is estimated that 97% of U.S. teachers have computers in their classroom.

Of course, the internet has a lot to do with the explosion in the computer industry. 75.6% of Americans are regular internet and computer users. And why not? Considering the ability to do research, relax, and shop online, it

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The Top 10 Gaming Magazines

Gamepro magazine

With the development of highly complex and technologically advanced gaming systems and their ability to connect to the internet, gaming has become a popular hobby for people of all ages. In the past, it might have only been little kids who spent hours in front of the TV playing their favorite game, but nowadays, all kinds of people play. In order to get fully engulfed in the gaming world, and maybe even give themselves an edge, many gamers will want to read magazines articles that are full of information about their favorite games. But since there are many to choose from, it can be hard to find the right one. If that is the case, they might want to check out the list of the best video game magazines published in 2011.

Like every good list of gamer magazines, the Complex list ranks Game Informer a

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How Smart is Your Computer? Four Interesting Updates in Computer News

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Did you know that about 80 percent of the US population owns a computer? Computer news is relevant to most people, not just tech heads. Here are the four biggest updates from computer articles this week.

1. The Cheapest Computer in the World

The most inexpensive computer, known as the raspberry Pi, is just 25 dollars. It has sold about 1.5 million units over the past year and a half. Tech review sites say that the device is a simple one that has a credit card sized circuit board and no keyboard or screen, and it was designed to be a tool for children to learn computer coding. Most of the sales, however, have gone to tech enthusiasts who, as PC mag reviews point out, can use it in way unique ways, like to run a robot that can tell you the weather and make coffee.

2. How Smart is Your Computer?

Researchers a

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What Document Conversion Companies Can Do for You

What is Document Digitalization?

Document digitalization is the process of taking paper documents and transferring them to a digital form. This includes a large variety of documents in different formats and sizes. You can covert them to digital formats that can then be shared via multiple online platforms such as email or apps. It is a great way to safely store documents and to make them easily accessible.

What Are Document Conversion Services?

Document conversion services are when a company that specializes in converting documents, or document digitalization, converts your documents to a digital format for you. They perform a variety of tasks from microfiche conversion to x ray scanning services. If you don’t have the equipment and software onsite to performs these tasks then you can reach out to one of these companies for assistance.


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Today’s Job Market Is A Tenuous And Unreliable One The Benefits Of HR Executive Search For Businesses

Today’s workplace looks very different from the workplace of yesteryear.

It’s far more diverse, for one. It’s more difficult to stitch together thanks to the double-edged word that is the Internet. It’s even more unstable, with employee turnover higher than it’s ever been. If this has become a little too much for you to manage as of late, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. HR executive search can sit down with you and your management team to figure out the gaps in your hiring process.

Together you can grab hold of the greatness that always seems to be just at the tip of your fingers.

Hiring today is a virtual nightmare. It’s been discovered that 20% of all employees hired will leave their jobs within 45 days…and that’s if they don’t leave sooner because of a poor skills match! Your job when it comes to putting a team together isn’t just to find a qualified person, but help them stick around for the long h

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What Liquid Cooling Can Do For Data Servers

Computer and the Internet have long since found a place in modern business and office buildings, but there is more work to be done than set a laptop down on one’s desk. Getting computers and the Internet set up at an office involves some technical work, and most often, a client company will call upon IT professionals to take care of this. Those professionals can get the hardware set up at desks and offices, and they will also set up the company’s Internet access. These IT workers will also use Ethernet cables in most case, such as Category 5 or Category 6, to hook up all computers to the Internet.

But there is more. A company will often make use of a data server, which is a private hub for all computer work among employees. This involves a lot of hardware, as well as the right liquid cooling for all those computers. Liquid cooling can keep any data center in fine working order, and a modular data center in particular can be easy to expand or re-arrange. A fine cooling system such

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What Helicopter Vibration Is and Why You Should Care

The problem of helicopter vibration is a big one. This can impact component life, rotor blade structural integrity, and the control and comfort of the person operating the helicopter. This is such a serious issue that the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires all helicopter aircraft have the proper helicopter vibration analysis tools and equipment on board. The thinking that was carrying helicopter vibration analysis equipment will prevent helicopter crashes around the country.

There are good reasons this problem comes up in helicopters. All helicopters experience a fair amount of vibration. The primary source of this vibration is the rotating components in the craft itself. As the number of blades is used and the rotation is increased, the result is more and more vibration. The best vibration analyzers can show how much the vibration is increased in larger crafts that smaller ones.

At the heart of the matter rests a few issues that lead to dange

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